How To Fix Outlook Mac Sync Errors?

Outlook Mac Sync Error

How To Fix Outlook Sync Errors In Mac

The Outlook Mac sync error is a common issue that is encountered by most people. However, it is pretty easy to resolve. This error occurs due to various reasons, and some of them are listed below.

  • Outlook is offline
  • Connectivity failure between the server and Outlook
  • Corrupted Outlook cache
  • To resolve the Outlook sync error in Mac, try the simple methods given below.

    Method 1: Disable “Work Offline”

    In most cases, sync errors occur when the Outlook application is not in the online state. So, check whether the Work Offline option is enabled on Outlook. If yes, disable it. To check and disable this option, follow the below instructions.

    • Open the Outlook application if it is closed.
    • Now, go to the Menu section.
    • Locate the Work Offline option and check whether it is selected.
    • If yes, deselect it and exit from the Menu section.
    • Now, try to perform the sync operation. If the synchronization is performed successfully, it means that the Outlook Mac sync error is resolved. Otherwise, execute the next method given below.

    Method 2: Empty The Cache Data

    Generally, the Microsoft Exchange server contains all the data related to your account, and those data are stored in the Outlook application’s cache folder. Sometimes, the presence of such cache data may also cause these kinds of issues. Clear the Outlook cache by performing the simple instructions given below.

    • Initially, check whether the computer (on which you’re using the Outlook application) is connected to the server.
    • Now, open the Exchange folder that you want to empty.
    • Open the folder’s Properties dialog box.
    • Click General > Empty Cache. Now, the exchange folder will be emptied.

    Method 3: Use the Outlook reindex tool

    This tool also helps you resolve the Outlook Mac sync error.

    • Close all the applications running in the background of your Mac computer.
    • Now, move the cursor over the launcher.
    • Locate, press, and hold the Options button on your Mac computer keyboard.
    • Now, from the list, click on the Outlook option to launch the Outlook reindex tool.
    • Once the tool is launched, open the Terminal application on your computer.
    • Run the following command in the Terminal window: sudo mdutil –E/ and tap Enter.
    • Once the above command is executed successfully, run the sudo mdutil –I on / command in the same Terminal window.
    • After running both the commands successfully on your Mac computer, try to perform the sync process.

    If the Outlook Mac sync error persists, then contact us to resolve it.


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