How To Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Error 2063?

Amazon Prime Error 2063

How To Troubleshoot Error Code 2063 In Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime error 2063 occurs when you are not permitted to purchase or rent a movie on Prime Video. Ensure that your 1-Click payment details are correct and up-to-date while purchasing the movie from Amazon Prime Video. To further troubleshoot the error 2063, follow the steps given below.

Solution 1: Use a different payment option

Usually, Amazon Prime users will make payments using the 1-Click payment method. If the details are outdated or incorrect, you may not complete the payment and end up with error codes. You can check if your purchase has been completed or not from the Your Orders section. If you get an error or the purchase is incomplete, then trying other payment options will help you overcome the problem. Amazon still allows users to use PayPal and other online payment platforms to purchase movies from Amazon Prime Video.

Solution 2: Disable VPN and update OS

If you are using a VPN, then beware that it can change your IP address. This results in server issues and prevents you from connecting to Amazon. It might also be a reason for the Amazon Prime error 2063. You may not be able to access the features in the region where your VPN is located. So, turn off your VPN and restart your computer. Log in to your Amazon account using your actual IP and location. If the problem persists, restart your OS and apps. Running outdated apps can conflict you from using Amazon and causes issues with your Internet connection.

Solution 3: Cancel your Amazon Prime Video order

  • Start by logging in to your Amazon account with your email and password.
  • Choose the movie tile that gave you the error previously.
  • Click the Cancel order button to cancel the purchase.
  • Amazon will refund your money. So, don't worry about canceling the order.

You have now seen how to troubleshoot the Amazon Prime error 2063.


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